MEC Environmental Consulting daily tracks environmental regulations at both the federal and state level. In addition, the firm regularly monitors environmental regulations at select local levels, particularly those incorporated into the City of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Ordinance 34-96.

MEC Environmental Consulting specializes in compliance with regulations on:

• air
• hazardous chemicals (OSHA)
• hazardous materials (USDOT)
• hazardous substances
• hazardous waste
• oil pollution prevention
• solid waste
• storage tanks
• storm water
• toxic substances, such as asbestos and PCBs
• wastewater

Analysis of Proposed Regulations
• Impact on Operations
• Comments to Agency
• Applicability Determinations

Environmental Audit
• Comprehensive
• Focused
• ISO 14001
• Privileged

• Pollution Incident Prevention
• Storm Water

Permit Applications & Negotiation
• Air Use Permit to Install
• Renewable Operating Permit (ROP)
• Storm Water No Exposure Certification
• Storm Water Notice of Intent
• Solid Waste
• Storage Tanks
• Synthetic Minor (ROP Opt-Out) Permit
• Wastewater Discharge

Plans Preparation and Revision
• Emergency Response Plan
• Integrated Contingency Plan
• Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP)
• RCRA Contingency Plan
• Risk Management Plan
• Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

• 208a Source Monthly Air Emissions Report
• Annual Wastewater Report
• Form R
• Hazardous Waste Biennial Report
• Michigan Air Emissions Reporting System (MAERS) Report
• ROP Annual and Semiannual
• Tier Two Report
• Wastewater Discharge Monitoring Report
• Waste Characterization

Strategy Development
• Approach to New Regulation
• Compliance Calendars
• NOV Responses
• Regulatory Alternatives

Temporary Staffing
• Environmental Specialist
• Environmental Technician

• Confined Spaces
• DOT Hazardous Materials Management
• OSHA Hazard Communication